Our Mission & Plans for the Future

Mission & Purpose

Our mission is to help create friendship between the peoples and cultures of the world.

Our goal is to foster peace through understanding and appreciation.

The Beauty of Taiwanese Lanterns

We want to give people the opportunity to get to know the different cultures from all over the world by organizing public events and festivals that are important to the ethnic communities showcasing their cultures.

Through traditional festivities of the diverse ethnic groups, people will become interested in each others cultures, languages, religions and traditions and deepen their friendships.

The Beauty of Dance

One of the big attractions will have dancers from many countries showing the attendees how to perform their traditional dances. ICC will also showcase various cultures singing and storytelling with speakers explaining about the different customs of their cultures.

Our Veterans

International Cultural Connections believes that in order to achieve peace it is critical to support our veterans, since they have been giving their everything for our freedom and for peace. Many veterans that have completed their service to our country, struggle with post traumatic stress disorder and have difficulties integrating back into civilian life. We want to help our selfless heroes.

Plans for the Future

ICC plans to acquire a rural property with horses and a functional camp site of about 1,000 acres in 2020/21, where we can hold daily workshops in a tranquil environment, where our veterans can learn to relax and learn to process the experienced traumas and gain acceptance of those experiences, needed to move past them.

The peace of nature is what our veterans need …
… for their minds and souls to relax …
… and open up to life’s new possibilities.

Qualified professionals in Psychology and Medicine and volunteers, that have served in the military, police and fire departments will take care of them, who can relate through their own similar experiences, to provide them with advice and guidance as they go through their struggles.